Three day translation organized by National Book NASS, India at Pune



National book organized under the joint aegis of Nass, India and Fergusson College, Pune
The three day translation workshop was inaugurated on 19 November in Pune.
As the chief guest at the inauguration ceremony, Dr. Sharad Kunte, more – DeccanEducation

Society, Pune, Shi Sanjay Nahar, Director- Border, Dr. Sunil Deodhar Holiday Sin Assistant
Director, All India Radio, Pune, Mr. Yuvraaj Milak, Director National Book Nass, India and Dr.
Anand Katikar Pofe Sir- Fergusson Mahavidyalaya, Pune was the Vice-President.
Translation work in various Indian languages ​​by National Book NASS, India
Appreciating Dr. Kunten said that it is proper to call all Indian languages ​​as national language.

Will happen. At the same time, he said that in order to further reduce the gap between these Indian languages,
Following Vinoba Bhave’s idea to write a single script for all languages
Should be done.
Subsequently, the work of the Director of National Book Nass, India, Mr. Yuvraj Malik Nenas, translation
While fulfilling the importance and purpose of the workshop, the historical and
Underscoring the importance of the glorious tradition, glorified the work of the society.
Special guest Mr. Sanjay Nahar in his address Bhagati Singh, farmer Melokman Tilak
Memories related to the effigy of Ji and the conclave of Marathi literature in 2006 Meghuman (Punjab)
Dr. Sunil Deodhar explains some important things related to translation in a funny way
Gave the experience of loss to the showrunners. Also a great example of Kawanuvad
Passed it.
Pankaj Patal conducted this inauguration ceremony and Dr. Anand Katikar thanked
Recited. On this occasion, Pagan Memrathi of the college paid tribute to the fathers of Marathi writers.
was also installed. Rangoli, written in different language scripts, attracted everyone’s paddy.

On this occasion, the Marathi language coordinator of the National Book Nass, India, Shimati Nivedita
Maidane, Punjabi Language Coordinator Shimti Navjot Kaur, Konkani Language Coordinator Shimati Shila
Patwari, Secretary of Deccan Education Society Mr. Dhananjay Kulikani, Head of Pajka, Milland
Kamble, Dr. Pachi Sathe and many others including Pemi and Chhat were present on the occasion.
Invites to this workshop for groups of 30 different children over the next 2 days
Written books will be translated.
Published on this occasion by the college library, Myrish Book Nas, India.
Various translated books have also been displayed. This post has also been inaugurated.
The response of the students and the people for the visit is also good. This padsharani will continue till four o’clock in the evening.
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